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Valours ETP Bell Ring@Deutsche Börse

Reflecting on a landmark Event in the world of Digital Assets with Valour, a DeFi Technologies company.

🔔 A Look Back at a very special occasion at Frankfurter Börse:

Two weeks ago, we had the privilege to be invited to one of the first crypto bell ringings at Frankfurter Börse, marking the launch of the innovative 1Valour STOXX Bitcoin Suisse Digital Asset Blue Chip ETP.

This marks another milestone in the expansion of the DeFi ecosystem and furthermore building bridges between DeFi & traditional Capital Markets.

Thank you Marco A. Infuso from Valour, Luzius Meisser from Bitcoin Suisse AG, the STOXX team, and every individual such as Caroline von Linsingen, Dagmar Wojcik, Thomas Langbein, Tim Seifarth, Manuel Müller and others who played a part in this historical moment. You are pioneers in new pathways for investing in digital assets.


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