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Highlights from BBW24

We had a fantastic time connecting with the attendees of the Berlin Blockchain Week and are feeling more excited than ever about the outlook of tokenization in the country. 📈 Here is our wrap up! 

Key takeaways:

➡️ Germany is the "crypto el dorado" of regulated tokenization; it announced the very first layer-1 bank on-chain, IronBank co-founded by Peter Grosskopf

➡️ DeFi in Germany is attracting more and more international VCs, using stable coins for faster market access in the local venture space.

➡️ Tokenization is moving into local banks. So far the private bank sector has had a dominant presence in our space but now the big ones are coming in as well.


🥂 We also co-hosted a side event alongside Riccardo Lamanna and from OpenQ and Alexej Luecke from BCP partners. For dear investors and partners of our projects. 


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