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Blockchain In Use Conference 2023

Exciting BerChain Member Contributions at the Blockchain in Use Conference! 🚀

We’re thrilled to showcase our members’ impactful presentations at the upcoming Blockchain In Use Conference, part of the Berlin Blockchain Week. Here’s what our experts have in store for you:

🔹 Rafael Schultz from BCP Labs will lead discussions on the future of finance in the FinTech Track, exploring the pivotal role of blockchain.

🔹 Zoé Meckbach from Phala Network will introduce us to the fascinating world of Phat Contracts.

🔹 Torsten Dahmen from E.ON Innovation (from E.ON) will deliver a keynote on “Why the Energy Sector Needs a Zero Trust Environment.” Discover how this innovative approach can redefine the energy landscape.

🔹 Santino Wagner from Chaineducation Labs GmbH will guide discussions in the Scaling Up Track, addressing critical issues in blockchain adoption and the blockchain trilemma.


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