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Connecting You with  Web3 
Venture Capital

Venture Building

Startups are innovation driver's of our society. Venture capital funds are the engine of this ecosystem. Let's get you easy access through tokenization.

Digital Assets

2024 is the year of digital assets going live. While the states are approving Bitcoin ETFs, Europe is launching MICAR, the biggest regulated trade market for crypto with 480 Mio. citizens.


Create digital twins of real world assets (RWAs). Explore possibilities of tokenizing your fundraising rounds.

Experts in web3 / DeFi since 2017

About us

Over €100 mio raised in tokens & equity

First Mover in hybrid fund raising 

Tokenizing RWAs & opening VC access

BCP partners Updates

The Story of BCP

"2024 is the year of digital assets going live."

We are a first mover and focus on hybrid fundraising. This includes investments in equity and tokens. Tokens are digital assets distributed via blockchain technology and can be minted as securities or utilities. 

The Team

We want to build the first bridge between You and the Venture Capital Space.

Rafael Schultz

Managing Partner


DASH, US bancorp & Deutsche Bank



Jan Hodok

Founding Partner


British American Tabacoo & Beiersdorf AG



Alexej Luecke


Mercedes-Benz, Audi & Amongst Plebs 



Robert Pietzka


CACEIS & JP Morgan Bank



Carina Couillard


UNCX Network & TransferMole




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